The company site consists of a large silos park for the storage of raw materials and finished products.

Using modern plants for the purification of raw waxes and oils, we have developed new processes and products of advanced technology.

Thanks to the experience and company know-how gained over the years, new plants have been built and those already existing have been re-molded, obtaining as induced effects: greater flexibility and capacity in the production and supply of services, reduction of labor costs per unit of product , reduction in the cost of materials and energy per unit of product, better quality of the product and services provided, increase in market shares in Italy and abroad, reduction of environmental impact, adaptation to QSA standards, quality, safety, environment.

Research and development

The company laboratory is equipped with technologically advanced instruments, in fact minute checks are carried out, both on the incoming raw materials and on the finished products, according to the ASTM procedures.

A team of specialized chemists carries out routine tests on the production line in compliance with the procedures of the ISO 9001: 2015 certified Company Quality Management System.

New formulations are also periodically developed for the various application sectors, so that the products perfectly meet the needs and diversified uses of the Customers.

R&D activities lead to a continuous technological innovation, with the aim of improving products and creating new ones, thank to the help of talented chemists, with the cooperation of Napoli and Salerno Universities, to make ANIC a great Company.